2020 QLD Comp Day 2

Acceleration and skidpad events
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2020 QLD Comp Day 2

After the success of the static events held the day prior, the UQ Racing team set out bright and early for Day Two of the Queensland Student Shootout. Excitingly, Day Two was held on the same day as the Queensland Raceway Xmas Bash drifting event. Our spectators were treated to a show of all shapes and sizes, with some of the FSAE getting as sideways as the drift cars out on the main track!

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After checking Barnacle's electrical and mechanical systems again, we readied ourselves for our first dynamic event of the competition - acceleration.

Our acceleration driver, Nina donned her gear and the electrical team conducted one final IMD test. With the main objective to 'just send it', Nina planted it until well beyond the timing gate, dashing through the 75 metre track in an impressive 3.908 seconds with a top speed of 108km/h!

This result was incredibly exciting to our team and not just because it is remarkably zippy. This year, the team has put a lot of effort into saving weight all over the car and maximising straight line acceleration through a new gear ratio.

After a nutritious lunch of sandwiches and fruit, we re-gathered our strength and Mitch prepared himself for the skidpad event. With the sun cooking everything and everyone in sight, the team reapplied their sunny rub and headed out onto the track. The skidpad was somewhat atypical with one large circle as opposed to the figure eight style track our team was used to, but all of the teams took this in stride for what turned out to be a great event.

Once the marshals were stationed, Mitch ran through several rounds of the skidpad with a fastest lap of 5.023 seconds. Although the team was feverish to keep trying and trying to capture the elusive sub 5 second lap time, the event had to come to an end - a bittersweet victory for our ever perfectionist team.

With another successful day of competition behind us, we cleaned up the pits and headed home to re-energise for the final events of Day Three.

Written by: Jessica Hartfiel

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