2021 QLD Comp Day 3

Day 3 Recap
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2021 QLD Comp Day 3

Today marked the third and final day of the Queensland Student Shootout. We were fortunate enough that the weather at Willowbank was a little less of a torrential downpour and as such, we were able to continue preparing for our remaining dynamics event.

We started the day by changing the toe and camber of the wheels and headed out to the main track to set up cones for autocross and endurance. The course was quality tested with a Mitsubishi Triton and a few electrical fixes were made before we waited for a break in the rain to make a start.

Our first autocross driver, Lachlan did two stints and although it was a bit slippery due to the wet terrain and lack of traction control, he managed to achieve some fantastic times.s. After Lachlan, the QUT EV car went out for its laps and got a fastest time of 72.3. Next up, Mitch completed a couple of awesome laps and luckily the track was able to dry off a fair bit giving us the opportunity to drive in safer condition. At the end of our run, we garnered a top time of 71.6 seconds! After making some final fixes to the accumulator, we packed up all our equipment and made our way outside to greet the finally sunny weather to take some photos.

Since we had to leave the pits by 5pm, we headed down the street to a nearby park to present awards. This was accompanied by a lot of mud but we had fun being able to mingle with the other teams while we waited.

We received the following placements in the static and dynamic events respectively:

  • Design - 1st
  • Cost - 1st
  • Business - 3rd
  • Acceleration - 1st
  • Autocross - 1st

While we packed our cones and gear back into the pits and took our car up with the trailer, we completed the Design event from yesterday with some of our team members talking about management.

An event like this would not be at all possible without a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Firstly thanks must go to our Team Principal Kyra Stephens for organising the whole competition and our generous volunteer judges for giving their time to help us improve. We must also thank Queensland Raceway for providing the venue and also helping us clear the track of standing puddles. Finally a huge thank you and congratulations must go to our friends from Griffith Racing Team and QUT Motorsport for participating enthusiastically and always putting in their best efforts.

We can't wait to continue working on our vehicles and compete in FSAE-A in the new year!

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