EV2020 Take 2

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EV2020 Take 2

Following on from our successful track day yesterday, the UQ Racing team once again assembled at the workshop to pack the trailer for the big day ahead. After a quick bolt check and a test of the high voltage system by spinning the wheels, everyone made their way to our usual Lakeside track.

After a briefing from the EV Technical Director, Joe, the cones were laid out and the driver of the day, Mitch prepared himself for the testing ahead. This began with some slow figure eights to check the steering and the drive chain. After conducting a tyre pressure check and fuelling up on some oranges (the team, not the car), Barnacle was moved to the longer track with the aim of completing some autocross laps to test hard cornering. This led to some decent results with the exception of a small noise coming from the chain. However, with lube at the ready, this was resolved relatively quickly by our team of confident cobbas.

Marshals stationed around the track, double fisted with bottles of water and sunny rub, ensured testing was carried out safely and effectively throughout the day. After further testing on our skidpad, autocross and acceleration tracks, the team then prepared for Mitch to complete an endurance length run to test the reliability of the car. In turn, we were able to gather reliable testing data for validation, and some valuable seat time for our driver.

At the end of yet another successful track day, the team packed up the trailer once more and headed to Hungry Jack’s for a celebratory feast – ready more than ever to take on the Queensland Student Shootout in the week to come!

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