EV2020’s First Outing

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EV2020’s First Outing

On the last day of November, the UQ Racing Team embarked on their very first track day for their 2020EV, Barnacle. The team met at the workshop bright and early at 7am and after waiting for the accumulator to charge up and conducting a full car bolt check, the trailer was packed for departure to Lakeside raceway.

Upon arrival (after gaining adequate sustenance from Maccas of course), the team was quickly debriefed by the Team Principal, Kyra on how the day would run. Before the car was driven, the team conducted an IMD test as part of ensuring that our HV safety systems are working appropriately.

The marshals, manned with their flags and fire extinguishers, assumed their positions and got ready for our first skidpad run. While the designated driver, Liam did some initial skid pad testing, it was discovered that the front right brake rotor had not fully bed in properly. After another full bolt check and a delicious lunch of ham, cheese and salami sandwiches, the team was re-energized for the next portion of testing. The midwings arrived from the workshop with strengthening drop-links so these were fitted over the lunch break.

The marshals were re-positioned along the straight track, prepared for acceleration testing. The front brakes were re-bed and this proved to be substantially successful for our first acceleration run! After a good day of shaking the car down, the team ended the track day with a classic Hungry Jack’s outing – geared up for tomorrow’s track day where hopefully, the drivers can start to really push both the car and themselves in preparation for the upcoming QLD Student Shootout!

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