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If you caught our latest video project on our Facebook page, you would have seen that UQ Racing has partnered with one of our newest sponsors, Franna. As a part of the Terex brand, this world-renowned company has been the leading manufacturers of pick and carry cranes for over 40 years. The company is also the workplace of many UQR alumni who continue to be dedicated supporters of the team. As such, they often impart their wisdom and expertise at design reviews and networking events to continuously help us grow and improve.

This year, Franna generously assisted our team by providing us with a brand new MoTeC 150. This engine control unit (ECU) has greatly assisted us in implementing new control systems for our 2021 EV. Over the last few months, where we have been fortunate enough to have numerous track days, it has allowed us to not only test and validate our existing systems, but also to try new functions to optimise our car’s performance on the track.

In August, our Board of Directors and a couple of members from our business team went out to Franna’s manufacturing facility in Eagle Farm to film our special video promoting our partnership. We were lucky enough to not only tour their incredible facilities, but were also able to send Barnacle airborne, lifting it a whopping 16 metres into the sky with their latest AT 40 crane!

Another huge thank you must go to the team at Franna both for providing us with the MoTeC 150 and also for allowing us to infiltrate their facilities for the day to film the absolutely extraordinary shots for our video. We hope that we will continue our prospering relationship and will be able to show our supporters more exciting multimedia projects with our sponsors in the future.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out our video with Franna here!

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