The Benefits of Sponsorship with UQ Racing

Sponsors of UQ Racing help make our success possible through support, knowledge and services. In return, we provide significant media exposure to students, graduate and undergraduate engineers, and other industry partners.

Our social media reaches almost 500,000 unique impressions each year, and we also post on occasion to the 44,000 followers of The University of Queensland instagram account. We regularly feature in official UQ marketing, which exposes our car and sponsors to over 100,000 commuters per day on billboards across South East Queensland. Additionally, we attend several events in South-East Queensland that attract well over 200,000 attendees on average per year. Our stalls at these events will include everything from parts demonstrations to letting attendees try out our VR racing simulator.

UQ Racing offers several tiers of partnership; with the option to tailor a package to suit any preferences!

Title Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

In 2021, Franna provided the team with a brand new MOTEC M150 to allow us to program sophisticated control algorithms into EV21.

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Emesent’s expertise is in SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and data analytics and thanks to them, our Autonomous Vehicle development is going further along!

Leishen have supported the beginnings of our Autonomous systems package by providing us with some state of the art LiDAR's.

Steering us in the right direction, Air & Allied has been a massive supporter of the team!

From laser cutting to fabricating to sheet metal, we can safely and happily rely on Samin to do one or all!

Our team was at their most comfortable on the track last year and it was all thanks to Queensland Raceways!

From educating us to machining for us, Partec has helped steer our team’s journey in composites in the right direction!

A local and family owned metal processing company, Laser Central has helped us immensely with preparing, notching and laser cutting our chassis tubes!

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With a range of products that helps anywhere from household to race car workshops. 3m has helped the team in providing reliable adhesives that stick the team together!

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors