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2022 Car Launch
UQR unveils EV22 and AV22
2021 QLD Comp Day 3
Day 3 Recap
2021 QLD Comp Day 2
Day 2 Recap
2021 QLD Comp Day 1
Day 1 Recap
2021 Launch
Say hello to Mussel and Rooster!
Partnership and media shoot
UQR 2021 Season Launch Blog
Season Launch recap
January & February 2021 Happenings
What's been going on?
2020 QLD Comp Day 3
Autocross, endurance and awards ceremony
2020 QLD Comp Day 2
Acceleration and skidpad events
2020 QLD Comp Day 1
Technical inspection, brake test, and static events!
EV2020 Take 2
Track Day Diaries
EV2020’s First Outing
Track Day Diaries
2020 Direction
Where are we headed in 2020?
2019 uqr recap
2019 - A year in review